Kellie Guderian


Years in travel: 3 (Although has enjoyed it for years!)
Area of Expertise: Kellie’s Cruise Club
Favorite Travel Destination: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Rhonda Strutzenberg

Travel Manager

Years in travel: 32
Area of Expertise: Alaska
Favorite Travel Destination: Hawaii & Caribbean

Michelle Reed

Travel Consultant

Years in travel: 12
Area of Expertise: Cruise groups & All-inclusive destinations
Favorite Travel Destination: Alaska, Mexico, Caribbean (basically anywhere with a beach! ;))

Jan Cswercko

Administrative Support Specialist/Guest Services

Years in travel: 12
Area of Expertise: Reservations, Administrative Support and Guest Services
Favorite Travel Destination: Ireland & Alaska

Deb Harkness

Tour Planner/Escort

Years in Travel: 14

Favorite Travel Destination: Alaska, but every place has something unique to see.

Merlea and Terry Schultz

Tour Planner/ Escort

Years in Travel: 22

Favorite Travel Destination: They live in Urbandale and summer in Clear Lake when not “On The Road Again!” They look forward to making travel memories with you.