Why Travel?

Beneficial to many aspects of a person’s life, travel provides enlightenment, insight, awareness, and wellness. It fuels a curiosity to understand more about other people and their culture, as well as the individual self, and provides memories to last a lifetime.

Why Group Travel?

Though solo travel has its obvious benefits, group travel has perks of its own, from the lasting friendships to its convenience and ease. Planning a weeklong getaway takes time, something that’s often difficult to find with busy schedules at work and home. Carefully planned itineraries and knowledgeable tour guides take the hassle out of traveling, while experienced drivers take care of the navigating along the way, allowing for stress-free travels and the ability to enjoy every part of the trip to the fullest.

The information and knowledge that comes with having a tour guide is part of what makes group travel so unique. Tours are planned months in advance and often incorporate feedback from previous tours to the same destination. These past experiences give guides the insider scoop on some of the hidden treasures and unique gems of the area, and they are eager to share them with the group.

The social aspect of group travel is a special part of the journey, too. Tours are often planned with specific interests in mind. Meeting people with these common pastimes is part of the fun and allows for new companions to share their adventures and experiences with. These new and lasting friendships are something that might not come with solo travel.

Why Northland Travel?

Northland Travel has been an industry leader for more than 60 years, offering safe, convenient and affordable domestic and international tour packages for individuals or groups. Whether traveling by motorcoach (provided by Arrow Stage Lines), air, cruise or rail, when it comes to your travel dreams, we can make them come true.

At Northland Travel we understand the importance of all forms of travel and are eager to assist you in all of your travel needs, starting with the initial planning stages, to getting you home safe, and every step between. While you’re busy with your job, we’re busy with ours, creating an unforgettable itinerary with the perfect amount of free-time and scheduled activities. Because we are a full service travel agency, we are connected to associations and resources that allow us to find the best value in transportation and accommodations.

Northland Travel is your local provider of group tour departures, living among you and serving you. We continue to offer convenient regional departure points on our group tours. Travelers may join our tours at Ankeny, Ames, Fort Dodge, Williams, Clear Lake, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids & Coralville. When you place your trust in Northland Travel, you can relax and rest assured that every moment of your trip will be as you hoped it would be – affordable, memorable, and worry free.