Reservation FAQs - Reservation Frequently Asked Questions

How are prices listed, and what generally is included in the tour price?

Prices are listed per person, and are usually based on motel room occupancy. Occupancy options often include double (2 people sharing a room with 1 bed or 2 beds), single (a non-shared room, but you may still have a seatmate aboard the motorcoach), or triple/quad (3 or 4 persons sharing a room with 2 beds). Tour packages generally include transportation, lodging, admissions to listed attractions, and some meals. Any incidental charges such as room service, in room movies, etc are the responsibility of the traveler. Details of inclusions should be listed within the details of each specific tour.

How do I make arrangements to join a Northland Travel departure?

Reservations can be made by calling 515-576-6494 or toll-free 877-694-8687, visiting us at our office in the Crossroads Mall, 8-5 Monday-Friday, or online. Please make reservations well in advance.

Is a deposit required to make a reservation?

A deposit is required to secure a tour reservation. Credit card information is necessary to book a tour by phone. If making your reservation by mail, your reservation will be entered upon receipt of your check. We will hold all deposits until we receive a minimum required number of reservations for the tour. Once we meet our required number of reservations, we will process your deposit and a statement will be sent out with your balance and final payment information.

Is it best to sign up early?

Yes, the sooner the better! To guarantee availability and best possible pricing on the tour, reservations should be made as soon as possible.

How should I deal with any special needs I might have?

Wheelchair lift-equipped coaches, accessible hotel rooms, accessible seating, hearing devices at shows, special menu options for those with food allergies or special dietary restrictions, etc are available by request. Please let us know about any of these requests at the time you make your tour reservation. If a traveler requires personal assistance, it is that traveler's responsibility to have a companion along to provide that assistance. If you carry oxygen tanks/concentrator, please contact us well in advance for assistance in compliance with federal safety regulations.

Is there coverage available in case I need to cancel my trip or need to leave the trip early?

Affordable trip cancellation and interruption protection is available for all our travel packages through Travelex 360º Group Travel Protection. This plan also provides protection for baggage, emergency medical expenses, and other travel perils. We highly recommend that you protect your travel investment by purchasing this coverage. Please call for more information.

When is the final payment due?

Final Payment is due before the deadline indicated on each detailed trip description. Late payments will result in final document delays, and possibly cancellation from the tour. Any discounts will be applied to the final payment. Reservations made 3 weeks or less prior to departure require credit card payment in full.

If I need to cancel, what fees are non-refundable?

Unless otherwise noted on the detailed trip description, refunds will be paid as follows:
full refund if you cancel 45 or more days prior to departure.
75% refund if you cancel 30-44 days prior to departure.
50% refund (minus any penalties we incur from suppliers) if you cancel 15-29 business days prior to departure.
25% refund (minus any penalties we incur from suppliers) if you cancel 2-14 prior to departure.
If you cancel less than 2 business days before departure all costs are non- refundable. “No-shows”/ late arrivals at departure point (after scheduled departure time) are non-refundable.
If you find your own replacement or we replace you from a wait-list, and our suppliers allow name changes, we’ll minimize penalties to a name change fee of $10 per person on 1-2 day trips, $25 per person on 3-6 day trips and $50 per person on trips of 7 days or longer; plus any name change fees from our suppliers.

What other information should I have before/when I make my reservation?

With advance notice your special requests are submitted to hotels, but we cannot guarantee hotels will honor all requests.